September 20th Homes & Buildings – Online Only Auction

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September 20, 2021- Online Only Bidding @ 10:00AM

You will be bidding on the house only, and any fixtures attached to this house. It must be removed before December 15th 2021.

This auction is to sell the salvage rights to this 3500 Sq. Ft. Stone City log home. Buyer will have the rights to anything attached to this home, for example: cabinets, counter tops, fixtures, doors, roofing, and structure of this home. Buyer will have until December 15th 2021 to complete any and all dismantling as demolition will begin immediately after that date. Buyer will be required to sign a waiver releasing the seller and Hoge Auctioneering LLC of any and all liability while dismantling this home.


12X12X9ft insulated shop/building-has air conditioner and it is on skids.

20X20 open faced shed

30X60 machine shed, 15 ft tall in front, 12.5 back

#2 Home – 1268 Sq ft house to be moved-House must be removed by Dec 15th, 2021. Buyer can not begin removal process until Nov 1st, 2021.

2 stall garage to be moved

Fire wood, all in 1 lot, 1 price. not the lean-to

Lean-to, approx. 6X30ft

Approx 7.5X12X8T building w/5.5×6.5 addition

approx. 11.5X3X7T chicken coop

approx. 8X12X7T building wired for elec.

approx. 12wX10l building

approx. 6.5X16 chicken coop. 7ft lean-to included

Auction Terms & Conditions This auction is for the house(only) described in the lots. This is the house only, and is to be removed at the sole cost of buyer. Anything left on the property on December 15th 2021 or after will be disposed of. Please call or email Hoge Auctioneering if you have questions 319-435-2302 or Please call Hoge Auctioneering LLC @ 319-435-2302 and we can provide you with the phone number of the owner to set up a viewing of the house. Please do all investigating on this house before placing your bids. Anything not removed by December 15th 2021 will be forfeited. If you are unable to meet these guidelines, please do not place bids. There will be no refunds and can lead to a permanent decline from bidding with this company. By agreeing to theses terms, the buyer will hold harmless Hoge Auctioneering LLC and its employee’s of any misrepresentation and any internet failers before, during, or after the auction. The buyer is responsible for all labor and costs related to the removal of any and all material related to this house and will hold their own liability while dismantling. Hoge Auctioneering LLC will not provide any equipment or personnel to assist in removal of this house. Hoge Auctioneering LLC will not be liable for any wind, hail, and or accidents during or after the sale of this house. There will be a 5% buyers premium assessed to the purchase price.

Payment Terms
Payments can be made via: Cash, Check, or wire transfer. If paying with a check you must wait until the check clears the bank before dismantling anything(approx. 7 business days). If paying via wire transfer, you must pay your bank fees related to the wire transfer.


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